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Lip Piercings Gone Wrong - Was my lip pierced wrong?

Lip piercings gone wrong can be avoided by taking proper care of your piercings. Many people both men and women have decided they like the look of a pierced lip. This is fast becoming a favorite piercings spot. Unfortunately infection and other damage can occur if not done correctly or cared for properly. This can make eating and talking difficult. It can also be quite unsightly. Many times people don’t think about the fact of all the bacteria they have in their mouths so infection can easily set in.

Lip Piercings Gone Wrong – Infection

The main cause of lip rings gone wrong are due to infection. A lip piercing is going to have a certain amount of pain when you first get it. This is natural. When the pain persists after a few days there could be the start of an infection. Make sure you are properly taking care of the piercing site. Besides pain you will be able to tell if there is an infection if there is redness, bleeding or pus in the site of the piercing. This is not something you will want to take chances with. Have you ever seen lip piercings gone wrong pictures or lip piercings gone wrong video? Neither is a pretty thing to look at. There is the potential for a very serious wound if you don’t take proper care of an infection.

Lip Piercings Gone Wrong – Cracked Teeth

Lip Piercings Gone WrongAlthough you may not see a cracked tooth if it is on the side where you may have a cheek piercing, lip piercings are in the front and can be noticeable. This can happen from playing with the lip ring with your teeth. It will often happen at night when you sleep. Cracks could potentially lead to a broken tooth. These lead to loss of the tooth. No one wants to have a tooth lost especially in the front where it is noticeable.

How to Prevent Lip Piercings Gone Wrong

It is possible to prevent lip piercings gone wrong so you don’t end up with a Madonna piercing gone wrong. The first thing you must do is to have a professional do the piercing for you. Don’t attempt a piercing on your own or let a friend do it for you. They don’t know what they are doing to ensure there is no infection.
Next you should do what the piercings personnel tell you to do. Clean it with the proper chemicals. They will probably have a list of things for
you to do to prevent infection.

Lip Piercings Gone WrongRemember not to play with the lip piercing. This means with your fingers, tongue or teeth. This will be difficult to do but is an important step to prevent infection or broken teeth.
Use an anti-bacterial mouth wash to kill the bacteria in your mouth that could infect your lips. Finally if an infection does occur, seek medical advice immediately. They can give you medication to use to prevent further damage. You don’t want scarring to occur from lip piercings gone wrong.

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