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Lip piercing aftercare

Lip piercing aftercare isn’t really as complicated as you may think. However, it is still an important part of the piercing process. Proper care can make the difference between a wound that heals nicely with little or no complications and a wound that becomes infected or worse.

 What To Expect With Lip Piercing Aftercare

You might think that getting your lips pierced is very painful, but most people find that it’s not actually that bad. Typically, discomfort doesn’t start for several hours, when the wound begins to swell. As your flesh has been penetrated and the skin broken, your body will rush to heal the area, which will result in bloating, redness and soreness. One thing you are sure to notice when you leave the jeweler is that the ring placed through your skin will be somewhat large; this isn’t a fashion statement or a way to bring attention to your new charm, but rather to allow for the inevitable swelling that will occur.

Lip piercing aftercareAs plumpness is to be expected, lip piercing aftercare swelling basically consists of trying to get comfortable. There are no magic medicines or creams that will eliminate the swelling immediately, but there are several good lip piercing aftercare products that can alleviate the symptoms.

One of the first items you should make sure to have on hand after your procedure is sea salt. This salt has amazing healing properties that do wonders for a fat lip. A compress soaked with warm water and dissolved sea salt can be applied to the healing wound twice a day to help with soreness. Other products to stock up on include a pain killer like Advil, antibacterial soap for cleaning the area and lots of ice for taking care of swelling the old-fashioned way.

Other Lip Piercing Aftercare Tips

Lip piercing healing time can vary significantly from person to person, but most can expect their incision to be completely mended within four months. During this time, there are a few important things you can do to help prevent a lip piercing infection and other ailments that can slow down recuperation and make your life miserable.

Lip piercing aftercareAs the puncture through which your jewelry goes through is partially in your mouth, you are sure to have questions about lip piercing aftercare food. For the most part, you can continue to eat what you’d like so long as you are comfortable. What is most important is that you thoroughly brush your teeth and rinse your mouth after eating to keep food particles away from your new ring. The only things you should avoid are alcohol, drugs and tobacco. Once you are completely mended, you can resume these drinks and activities, if you wish.

The reason there are restrictions lip piercing aftercare alcohol is because alcohol can harm tissue that is trying to heal. This means that in addition to staying away from beer and other liquors, you should use an alcohol-free mouthwash when rinsing and of course, never use rubbing alcohol to clean the pierced area.

Other lip piercing aftercare instructions include keeping your hands away from your face and the charm (to keep from accidentally tugging on it or contaminating the area), not removing your ring or stud before your skin is completed healed (as the hole will close quickly) and to always ensure that the area is as clean as possible (to keep infection away).

Following some simple lip piercing aftercare tips and advice can help prevent swollen lip piercings and other complications, as well as speed up the entire healing process so you can be back to looking like yourself in no time — with some added new jewelry!

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